Gemstones for Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna)

 Gemstones for Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna)

  • If you are born with Leo ascendant, it is highly recommended to use Ruby. The planet Sun is the lord of ascendant which is a ruling planet for you. Hence, wearing Ruby can make your personality strong and physique robust.
  • It can bring power, position and authority. It is particularly highly beneficial during the administration period of Sun.
  • Apart from this, you can wear Red Coral since the planet Mars rules over 4th and 9th house in your birth chart. Hence, the planet Mars is highly beneficial.
  • The Yellow Sapphire is also a beneficial stone as the planet Jupiter is the lord of the 5th house which is a trine.
  • Wearing Red Coral or Yellow Sapphire along with Red Coral the gemstone for the Leo rising sign can enhance the benefic result to a great extent.

Warning: Ruby, Red Coral and Yellow Should be avoided along with Emerald, Blue Sapphire and Diamond.

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